How to Buy Highlight Video Package & Services


3 Easy Steps to Buy Your Highlight Video Package or Service

  1. Collect the game film (or other raw footage if it’s a Special Project) you want send to us, in order to determine the Highlight Video Package, you will need to purchase.
  2. Go to our Shop Highlight Video Packages page and select your Highlight Video Package and/or Extra Footage Unit(s) and any additional Extra Products & Services by adding them to your Shopping Cart. When you have completed your selection(s), proceed to our secure Checkout and finalize your purchase.
  3. Choose how you will send us your footage: You can send your raw footage to Awe Video LLC by snail mail or—preferably—send it over the Internet through our My Cloud server or by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Both methods requires a high-speed Internet connection. The FTP method also requires client software application (available for free). 

Sending your footage over the Internet saves on postage and handling time. And if all this sounds complicated— don’t worry. We have easy to follow step-by-step guides that have worked well for all  our customers. If for any reason you encounter difficulties, we can help guide you through the process over the phone. For more details on sending your footage to us, click the following link How to Send Your Film to Awe Video.

Important: Be sure to fill out the Client Information Form when placing your order. This form is used to accurately identify you on film and to complete your Video Marquee and Disc Labels. Also, the information you provide helps us to promote you (athlete) more effectively. After you are finished entering your data, please make sure to click the “Submit” button.

Notice: Due to the time-intensive nature of our business, Awe Video LLC will not begin any project until payment in full is confirmed.  We are limited to the maximum number of projects we can undertake at a given time and still complete each project within our policy time frames. Therefore, if you purchase a Highlight Video Package, project and/or service and we know—before we begin the project—that we are unable to fulfill your order within our promised deadline, we will immediately notify you. During our notification, we will tell you the number of days over our policy deadline that we can reasonably expect to complete your project. If the delay is unacceptable to you—we will refund your money the same day. 

Please understand, though we will return you payment the same day, it may take up to several business days for your bank and/or credit card issuer to post your refund to your account.