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Get Free Website with Your Highlight Video Package

Get Noticed and Improve Your Online Sports Recruiting Presence

Purchase one of our Highlight Video Packages or qualifying Special Video Projects & Services and receive a free Top Athlete Profile Website powered by WordPress. Designed to help you get noticed by college coaches, recruiters, and scouts.

Jimmy Jet Awe Video Free Live Website, increase your online recruiting presence.
Click on the above screenshot image of our live sample Top Athlete Profile Website to get ideas for what you want on your website. Available for any sport, gender, or age group, from Pop Warner to athletes looking to get a shot at a pro contract.

Our hosted websites come fully set up and ready to rock and roll right out of the box. A Top Athlete Profile Website features our client’s:

  • Highlight video
  • Physical and athletic measures
  • Season stats, honors & awards
  • College interests and offers
  • Icon links to athlete’s social media
  • Blog 
  • Image Gallery
  • Contact Page
  • Email account

We strongly encourage our clients to collaborate with us on what they want us to put on their websites.

Videos and Websites Designed to Help Our Clients GET NOTICED

In 2011, our current staff members at Awe Video LLC began setting up free websites for clients at because we recognized the importance of a student-athlete’s online presence during the highly competitive college recruiting process. It was all about giving our clients a leg up over the competition to help them Get Noticed.

Interestingly, all of the websites we built at are still online. Click the following link to see the very first one we did back in 2011: Our first website.

What’s truly fantastic is that not a single client has ever requested that we take their site offline after all these years. Visit our Awe Video YouTube Channel to discover more.

As a result of our experiences—we know the impact that a quality highlight video combined with a robust online presence and committed staff has on helping our student-athletes garner college scholarship offers and financial aid packages.

How Our Free Websites Work

Hosted at the domain, our client websites are technically called a subdomain to our domain ( As such, in a web browser, websites will appear like this: “, where “myname” is the name of the client.

Awe Video LLC sets up our clients’ websites, maintains the sites’ backend (administrative area), and updates the frontend (visible live site) with their athletic achievements throughout their high school careers. We keep the Top Profile Websites as up to date and as informative as our student-athletes and parent/guardian request. Our clients can be as active and creative as they want to be on their sites. We like to say—the possibilities are endless.

Branding and Ads

No Branding Sticker Icon, Awe Video LLC.
This product’s purchase removes all Awe Video LLC’s company logos, theme branding, advertisements, or all three from your website.

Notice: Awe Video LLC brands our free Top Athlete Profile Websites with the company’s Giza Gemstones logo. Our logos appear on the Home Page and at the top of the other site pages’ right sidebar. Also, the free sites feature Google ads on all site pages except for the Home Page.

Clients have the option to instruct Awe Video to remove all company branding to include the Top Athlete Profile™ and Google ads from their site by purchasing a No Branding Sticker.

Top Athlete Profile Website Package (Paid Version)

Athletes who already have a quality highlight video and want to showcase it online alongside their current achievements, stats, and photos can purchase a Top Athlete Profile Website Package

Awe Video LLC will set up the website with the same theme and maintenance features found in our free Top Athlete Profile Website.

The paid version of the Top Athlete Profile Website also gives our clients the option to remove Awe Video logo branding and Google ads from the site by purchasing a No Branding Sticker.

What are you waiting for? Gain more control over the college sports recruiting process with your Top Athlete Profile Website! Click here to order your website today.

Qualifying Special Video Projects & Services Get Free Website

Purchase a Special Project & Service totaling $259.00 or more and receive a free website featuring your video project.

How It Works

Your website comes with the same theme and all the features found in our free Top Athlete Profile Website, excluding the Top Athlete Profile ™ branding on the Home Page. However, our company logo will remain on the Home Page and the other site pages’ right sidebar. You can tell us the details of the title name you want to use on the Home Page.

The Qualifying Special Video Projects & Services Free Websites also gives our clients the option to remove Awe Video logo branding and Google ads from the site by purchasing a No Branding Sticker.

Our Websites are Upgradeable and Transferable

If you want to take full control of your website and turn it into an eCommerce site to sell goods and services or transfer it to another hosting provider, just let us know. We can quote you an unbeatable deal if you decide to upgrade your website and host it on our server. There is never a charge for you to move your website to another hosting provider. 

Terms of Use

All clients and users of the server must comply with all the rules and regulations of our server’s hosting provider, Hostwinds.

In short, users can’t engage in any unlawful activity or violent or discriminatory behavior, as well as you must abide by all their online permitted usage and storage limitation requirements.

Click the following link to view Hostwinds Terms of Use.