Why do you give free websites to your customers?

We set up free websites for our clients who purchase one of our Highlight Video Packages because we know it works!  

We started setting up free websites for clients back in 2010. Therefore, we have plenty of first-hand experience seeing how a website—featuring a well-made highlight video—and some articles about our clients can work wonders in helping to promote them.

Having an online presence is a critical component in the recruiting process. Everyone wants to see the goods, meaning—to see video of a prospect in action. Coaches, recruiting services, media and the fans will google a prospect’s name to see if they can find him or her on film and to read articles about them.

We are not in this just to make a highlight video and get paid. It takes a lot of work to set up and maintain a website. We do it because we want to give our clients the best chances to get scholarship offers or professional opportunities.

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