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Maintaining your website properly plays a vital role in minimizing its vulnerability to potential attacks and optimizing its overall performance. Plus, a properly maintained website greatly improves your search engine rankings.


Basic website maintenance icon showing a gear and wrench.

Basic Website Maintenance

For websites that don’t sell products or services.

  • Monitoring and optimizing your website performance.
  • Fixing broken links and ensuring all links are working correctly.
  • Regularly updating content.
  • Implementing security updates.
  • Providing backup and disaster recovery.
  • Keeping plugins and themes updated.
  • Managing and updating user accounts and deleting spam and bot accounts.
  • Ensuring essential SEO compliance for images, data, and articles.


Billed Annually

E-Commerce Website Maintenance icon showing a gear and wrench.

E-Commerce Website Maintenance

For websites that sell products or services.

  • Includes all items listed in our Basic Website Maintenance plan plus:

  • Keeping product and service information up to date and SEO compliant for up to a total of 25 products and services.
  • Keeping your landing page and theme updated and fresh with the latest products, services, sales, news, and essential information.
  • Editing and publishing one article per week for your blog (includes providing professional stock images customized for the article and ensuring SEO optimization).*
  • Note: If you need more than the maximum amount of blog articles per week or product and service maintenance, we can accommodate you for an extra charge.

    * Price includes editing and publishing articles only. The client must provide original content to be edited and published. Creating SEO original content articles for your business model is an extra charge.


Billed Annually

What is Website Maintenance?

In general, maintaining a website involves ensuring its smooth and up-to-date functioning. This includes regularly updating content, fixing broken links, and ensuring all links on the site are working properly. It also involves performing general housekeeping tasks such as regularly backing up the website and monitoring its performance.