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Awe Video LLC Highlight Video Production Process

How to Make a Sports Recruiting Highlight Video

  1. Download client’s footage from our server, if sent over the Internet, and/or upload the client’s physical footage into our digital library. Physical analog formats like VHS tapes require the additional step of conversion to digital format.
  2. Load the client’s footage into our software application for editing.
  3. Evaluate the athlete’s abilities by watching every second of film footage provided.
  4. Edit (cut and trim) the client’s best plays from the provided game footage.Awe Video Production Process Icon, how to make a highlight video.
  5. Sequence the clips for maximum effect based on the athlete’s playing position(s) and strengths.
  6. Digitally enhance the quality of the footage film where possible and if necessary.
  7. Highlight or “Target Mark” the athlete with our digital arrow, box, circle or other marker types—at the beginning of each play (not always necessary in some sports and/or positions). 
  8. Create a stylized, graphic Video Marquee, based on the athlete’s sport and accomplishments.
  9. Generate any Special Effects (slow motion, freeze Frame etc.)
  10. Arrange the client’s selected Music Track to the video.
  11. Produce highlight DVDs of the athlete’s best plays with stylized graphic DVD menu.
  12. Make disc labels for the project.
  13. Upload the client’s video to our You Tube Channel.
  14. Craft the athlete’s personal Website featuring his or her highlight video, stats and Contact Page (free with purchase of Highlight Video Package).
  15. Place the client’s DVDs, and any copies they sent to us, in the mail within 10 business days (M-F) of receiving the original footage (U.S. first class mail unless an upgrade delivery method is selected). Exceptions apply to our 10-day policy for special projects, or when a delay is agreed upon at the beginning of the project due to our workload capacity limits at Awe Video, or during the production process when unforeseen issues out of our control may arise.