What you Get with Your Highlight Video Package

  • We digitally Target Mark highlight you to ensure coaches and fans know exactly where you are on each play (methods used will vary by sport, position and footage quality). 
  • Free Top Athlete Profile Website—set up by us, featuring your: highlight video, athletic profile, player evaluation, Blog, Contact Page and more.
  • Free upload of your best game film to your website (serious recruiters will want to see you in action for an entire game).
  • One free mailing of your highlight video and best game film to college of your choice.
  • Free upload of your video to our YouTube channel. Maximize your exposure by allowing anyone in the world to see your talent.
  • Stylized graphic Video Marquee added at the beginning of your video (uniquely tailored to your sport and accomplishments).
  • Music Track—spice it up with your choice of music.
  • Special Effects of your best play(s) (slow motion, freeze frame, replay, etc.).
  • 3 DVD copies of your highlight video with custom disc labels.
  • 1 digital copy of your highlight video.
  • 25% off any additional video service for life.

Add a Student-Athlete Recruiting Plan to improve your odds of receiving a scholarship/financial aid

  • Partner with us and we’ll help guide you through the student-athlete recruiting process from A-Z.

  • Leverage our extensive student-athlete recruiting experience, comprehensive coaches’ contact database and cutting-edge video and web technologies to give yourself the best chance at landing a scholarship or superior student financial aid package.

  • Our plans are straightforward, simple and affordable with no hidden fees or gimmicks.

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How to Order a Highlight Video

Free standard delivery WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S.

1. Pick your Highlight Video Package

Visit our Shop page and choose your Highlight Video Package

  • Save money when you choose our Highlight Video Re-Edit Package that requires you to only send us a total of up to twenty minutes of video clips to complete your project.The Re-edit Package is currently on sale for only $135.50.
Awe Video disc label Image sample for best highlight video for athletes

Sample Custom Video Disc label

All Highlight Video Packages include 1 free DVD mailing to school of your choice.

2. Order your Highlight Video Package

Shop securely and with confidence: We’re a verified PayPal Vendor. All payments on our site are handled by the encrypted PayPAL or Square Inc. payment gateways.


Awe Video Sample Video Marquee for best highlight video for athletes.

Sample Stylized Video Marquee

Every Highlight Video Package gets a stylized video marquee made to our client’s specifications.

3. Upload your video footage to our Server

Easily upload your video footage files from your computer to our My Cloud® or FTP server.

  • Once we receive confirmation of your paid order, we’ll email you a login username, password and easy-to-follow instructions on how to upload your video footage and images to our server. Don’t forget to complete our Client Info Form.
  • View your completed project within 7-10 days from the time we receive your video footage.
  • Expedited service available.

Note:  If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can send your video footage to us through the mail. We’ll return all original copies to you along with your completed project DVDs. Visit our Contact Us page for Awe Video mailing address.

Football play with Target Mark Arrow for best highlight video for athletes.

Target Mark ID

We identify the player at the beginning of each play with an arrow, circle, light globe or
by other means to ensure that coaches and fans always know where they are in the action.

Free Top Athlete Website

Receive a free WordPress-powered website to feature your highlight video, stats and more when you buy a Highlight Video Package.

Check out our live-sample
Top Athlete Profile Website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Highlight Video Packages

Film editing and production are time intensive tasks that consume a tremendous amount of labor hours. That being said, the prices we charge for our services are nowhere near the high end of the market’s spectrum. Plus, we provide more added value with our Free Website and the other things that we do to promote our clients than anyone else in the business.

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We strongly recommend that you send your footage electronically, over the Internet, to our My Cloud® server, We’ll provide you with all the details on how to send your video footage once we receive confirmation of your paid order.

Of course, you can always send us your footage to us by snail mail (our address is listed on the Contact US page. Just remember: DVDs, VCDs, CDs, tapes, cassettes, and/or drives should be tightly packaged so that they do not bounce or slide around inside their container. Bubble wrap lined envelopes and small bubble wrapped filled (or wadded newspaper-lined) boxes are both acceptable.

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We encourage our clients to take as much control in the process as they like.
This is a team effort that we’re in together for the purpose of realizing a specific desirable outcome. Give us your ideas and input and we’ll do our best to bring them to life.

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Allow up 7 to 10 business days (M -F) for us to complete your project. Please note: The project completion time does not commence until we have received all the footage and any other material(s) or information we need to begin working on the project.

We’ll upload your completed highlights video to our My Cloud® server for your review no latter than the 10th business day from the time we received your video footage. Your Free Top Athlete Website will take an additional 3 to 5 business day to come online.

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The length of your highlight video will be anywhere from a minimum of three minutes (ten plays) to a maximum of ten minutes long (about 30-40 plays). It really depends on several factors such as the sport and what position(s) you play. Because our no.1 priority is to make the highlight video serve the purpose of getting coaches to want to take a closer look at our client.

We evaluate your film footage and pick out your best clips based on the attributes of the playing position that recruiters like to see. Then we sequence the clips to make the most impact.

We strongly suggest that if you want your highlight film to have the ultimate impact, let our experts determine the number of specific clips to use in your project.

We’re  on your side 100% because we only look good when you look good.

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We make highlight videos for any sport. We also do team season highlight videos. Just let us know what you want. There isn’t much we aren’t capable of doing when it comes to producing videos.

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No, if you are talking about a satisfaction guarantee. However, we do guarantee that we’ll promptly return your money if we’re unable to complete your project for any reason.

We take extreme pride in our work. Our goal is to produce a highlight video project that showcases our clients’ talents in the best possible light. At the end of the process, we want each of our clients believing he or she made a wise choice by entrusting us with their project.

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Yes. We will not begin work on any project until the project is fully paid for in advance. The reason being is that video editing and production are highly time intensive processes.

Once we take your payment, we are as committed to successfully completing the project on time as much as you are to holding onto your money. It’s actually a win-win scenario: You know we have to come through when you pay us in advance; and we know that we have a committed client.

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Absolutely! We can work with just about any video file format you can throw at us. We can also color correct and stabilize shaky video up to a certain point. However, there are some things that simply can’t be fixed.

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